• sunita.parbhu


    Start ups, emerging technologies, markets, economics, network effects, behavior; software products

  • Blake Coleman

    Blake Coleman

    Co-Founder & Managing Partner of STEM Search Group. Technical recruiting and executive search since 2005, sourcing fanatic, and gadget geek.

  • Paul G Livingstone

    Paul G Livingstone

    Group Strategy Director. Helping businesses find their mojo and connecting to their customers meaningfully. It’s all about the work.

  • Alex Wanjau

    Alex Wanjau

    Constantly evolving human sharing his thoughts.

  • Gina Fitzgerald

    Gina Fitzgerald

  • Will Roman

    Will Roman

    Founder & Chief Texan @ Chisos.com

  • Michael Kershner

    Michael Kershner

    Founder of ILC, an integrated lighting design and procurement company and Parspec, a B2B SaaS startup transforming how construction products are sold.

  • Antonius Widiartono

    Antonius Widiartono

    I was a professional in oil and gas project since 2005, its complementing my experience in project management. I started my startup business, and its great

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